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Family Location

Check current or historic locations of family members. Broadcast a check-in to other family members when you have arrived at your destination

Safety First

Set Safe-Zones for any family member using the App. Receive automatic notifications when a family member arrives or departs from that location

Panic Alert

AWKIWC device sends an immediate alert and exact location to all family members when a panic alert is triggered from the AWKIWC GPS Device


Receive the quickest directions to your family members


Send messages to all family members with a single click

OS Compatible

The AWKIWC app is available for download on Android

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    • Device
    • Rs 6999
    • Black/Dark Grey
    • Delivery in 60 days unless in stock
    • Email Support
    • Free Shipping within India
    • 6 months warranty on device
    • Service
    • Rs 150/mo
    • Free after 2 years
    • Email Support
    • Yearly renewal
    • SIM charges not included
    • Preorder Special
    • Rs 6999
    • 3 months of service included
    • Black/Dark Grey
    • Delivery in 60 days
    • Email Support
    • Free Shipping within India
    • 6 months warranty on device
    • Device Monthly Plan
    • Rs 500/mo
    • Refundable Security Deposit Rs 3000
    • Black/Dark Grey
    • Delivery in 60 days
    • Phone & Email Support
    • Free Shipping within India
    • Lock-in period 1 year
    • 6 months warranty on device


All We Know Is, We Care!

AWKIWC Android App

Awkiwc app is a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform for users. Download the Android App...

Value Added Services

Awkiwc app is a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform for users. Download the Android App...




aboutCapturing satellite-based positional data and delivering them from a web server on a near real-time basis is key to an on-demand delivery of location data woven into a great user experience. We just do it reliably, coupled with a bunch of value-added services, in a non-intrusive manner!  Keep track of family members, kids and loved ones you care, with a smart GPS tracking device from AWKIWC. The device works seamlessly with our Android Mobile App.

As parents, it is not always possible to escort children everywhere. You have to depend on domestic helpers, drivers, caregivers to drop and pick them from schools, day care, special activity classes like karate, art, dance, or escort them to parks when they play in the evening. There is always a nagging insecurity, mistrust and hidden panic somewhere. The gruesome stories in the newspapers of molestations, assaults, rapes and kidnappings make things worse.


Our Team


Founder. Experienced product leader. Served in various global, regional, and country leadership roles, delivering strong top-line and bottom-line growth. Ex-Parker Hannifin, Intel, ISRO. Alum of UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, IIT Delhi.


Advisor. Senior IT executive. Served many years in the USA and Sweden architecting solutions in retail domain as well as facing clients from around the world. Ex-Accenture, Infosys. Studied at Jadavpur University, EDP @ MIT Sloan.

appAwkiwc app is a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform for users. Download the Android App "Awkiwc" from google store and leverage complete functionality of the intelligent tracker.  It is cloud based with following abilities:

  1. Know locations of your loved ones in real time without violating privacy.
  2. Listen in your loved ones when in need. A one-way voice communication satisfies the need aptly.
  3. You want to review your loved ones’ whereabouts on a particular date, in a time window or simply analyze historical information, Kiosk is the place to visit. Not only this, we have also inventoried all your device related SMS responses, alerts, or messages at one place. The user also has the ability to interact with his/her device in an easy way, from the app itself. Kiosk is the place for detailed user interaction: whether it is SMS command interaction, real time update, and alerts from device/s or tracking and analyzing historical information data.

The AWKIWC device is the only location device 100% custom-made for children, women, and people for all walks of lives. Complimented by a variety of colorful designs, every component on board has been miniaturized to ensure an optimally comfortable fit and feel that kids simply love to wear.

Inside the AWKIWC device is a state of the art GPS chip with built-in geo-fencing capabilities. Combined with advanced algorithms, the device’s cutting-edge technology allows for highly accurate location information, both outdoors and indoors, all the while maintaining extended battery life. With a built in micro USB connector, your AWKIWC device can be easily charged on the go as well as receive the latest firmware upgrades at your convenience.

Depending on the mobile phone and leveraging its capability at the time of safety needs, has not been effective. The location technology now available in the market obtain location data in three ways: a. through GPS Sensors, b. through GPS assisted by mobile towers (A-GPS) and c. by tracking IP addresses of devices. The last two methods do not give accurate locations either due to technology limitation or in order to protect user privacy or both. Using direct GPS sensors to provide location data is very expensive in terms of battery usage.

Post-June-17At AWKIWC, we care about the people we have and we want to have, and less about the roles we want to fill. When we meet like-minded, driven and motivated people, we create roles for them. We are a small team, very passionate about what we do and clearly focused on making a difference. If you are one too, please reach out to us ASAP – we would love to hear from you!


Post-18We are partnering with IoT companies, schools, BPO and other organizations in order to create value and deliver value, ensuring connectedness, great user experience, and peace of mind. Be a part of our mission!


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