AWKIWC Android Tracking App

Cloud based Android Mobile Application with following features/functionalities:

  1. Track: Real time on Google maps.
  2. Voice: Listen in to your loved ones when in need for a one way voice surveillance by calling Device SIM Phone (DSP) number
  3. Kiosk : Feature rich options like
    1. Experience AWKIWC: Takes user to our Facebook page
    2. History: It provides historical track data with graphical representation.
    3. Interact: SMS commands are sent to the device to interact and get automatic alerts and messages.
    4. Messages: Inbox to hold push messages (such as subscription due, flash news) and alerts.
    5. Refer: Refer to your friends on (Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.).
  4. Device: Maintain Devices carried by your loved ones, with its IMEI Number  and Device SIM Phone number (DSP)
  5. Buy: Buy multiple device and application subscription on the go.
  6. Feedback: 24×7 Customer support with WhatsApp integration


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