Benefits of Running Analytics on GPS Tracking History

Analytics today has become an integral part of all decision making. Banking, sports, politics and even daily chores by a common man are being influenced by the data crunching that takes place. Therefore, it will not be untrue if it is suggested that running analytics on GPS tracking history will help organizations and individuals reap benefits. The patterns emerging from the GPS trackers’ history can be used to predict future […]

How Organizations can Benefit, Engage and Empower Employees by Using Personal Trackers

Personal trackers can benefit organizations and their employees in many mutually beneficial ways. Firstly, the company can easily monitor the in and out movements of the employees in a seamless manner by issuing identity cards with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips. This leads to better engagement at the employee level too as it empowers them with data showing the time he/she has put in at the office each day for ready […]

GSM or GPS Trackers Are Absolutely Safe

Personal GPS trackers solve the problem of being in touch with loved ones like children and aged parents 24X7 even when it is not possible to be physically present beside them all the time. However, there is a notion that radiation from the GPS trackers can harm your loved ones as it uses the same technology used in mobile phones. But, this is not true. The frequency at which this […]

Caring For Amnesia Patients

A person is said to be suffering from amnesia when a person’s memory loss is much greater than simple everyday forgetting or absent-mindedness. In critical cases, where there is significant memory loss, family members have to monitor patients 24X7, as patients cannot read, write or talk. Amnesia patients often sneak away from home and find themselves to be lost. When lost such patients are unable to communicate their whereabouts or […]

The #1 GPS Device Today for Personal Protection

Increasing crimes against women and children makes safeguarding their safety a priority for everyone. Nearly one-thirds of the total employees in the IT sector, especially in BPOs and Call Centers are women, many of whom have to do night shifts. Again, our children are not safe even in “safe” places when at least one of their parents is not around. However, it is not possible for parents to always accompany […]

How GPS Trackers Can Solve Last Mile Delivery Problems of Supply Chains

The last mile delivery of a supply chain ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ a business. The last mile is crucial in the case of e-commerce enabled businesses where it involves a customer interface. Reducing the number of failed deliveries or return rates is of utmost importance in creating favorable impressions about the business. It is similarly of great importance for supply chains delivering products at retail stores. Optimizing and ensuring smooth delivery […]

Safety of Children: the Priority of All Parents

 As working parents, it is not always possible to escort children everywhere. You have to depend on domestic helpers, drivers, caregivers to drop and pick them from schools, tuition centers, special activity classes like karate, art, dance, or escort them to parks when they play in the evening. However, there is always a nagging insecurity, mistrust and hidden panic somewhere. The gruesome stories in the newspapers of molestations, assaults, rapes […]