How GPS Trackers Can Solve Last Mile Delivery Problems of Supply Chains

The last mile delivery of a supply chain ‘makes’ or ‘breaks’ a business. The last mile is crucial in the case of e-commerce enabled businesses where it involves a customer interface. Reducing the number of failed deliveries or return rates is of utmost importance in creating favorable impressions about the business. It is similarly of great importance for supply chains delivering products at retail stores. Optimizing and ensuring smooth delivery of goods at the retails in the last mile helps in not only creating favorable perceptions about the business but also increasing its profits.
Again, the mom-and-pop stores or neighborhood kiranas are well poised to play a significant role in pushing the pedal on last-mile fulfillment, a pain point faced by almost every household.   People on bikes or small delivery vans take the goods to the customers’ homes. Again often, it is at this critical stage that the supply chain goes out of control, whether you outsource the last mile delivery or use your own resources. Thanks to innovative technology, like the AWKIWC GPS trackers, it is now not only possible to track the people involved in the last mile delivery real time, but also get location data relative to past deliveries  as well as take proactive measures in order to accomplish customer delight.
You care for your business…but, “All We Know Is We Care” too.

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