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Project Description

Awkiwc app is a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate platform for users. Download the Android App “Awkiwc” from google store and leverage complete functionality of the intelligent tracker.  It is cloud based with following abilities:

  1. Know locations of your loved ones in real time without violating privacy.
  2. Listen in your loved ones when in need. A one-way voice communication satisfies the need aptly.
  3. You want to review your loved ones’ whereabouts on a particular date, in a time window or simply analyze historical information, Kiosk is the place to visit. Not only this, we have also inventoried all your device related SMS responses, alerts, or messages at one place. The user also has the ability to interact with his/her device in an easy way, from the app itself. Kiosk is the place for detailed user interaction: whether it is SMS command interaction, real time update, and alerts from device/s or tracking and analyzing historical information data.
  4. Add and manage multiple devices for your loved ones, in one easy user friendly dashboard.
  5. Advantage of integral payment gateway and 24×7 customer service.
  6. Quick feedback with WhatsApp integration.

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Value Added Services
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