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Capturing satellite-based positional data and delivering them from a web server on a near real-time basis is key to an on-demand delivery of location data woven into a great user experience. We just do it reliably and in a non-intrusive manner! Keep track of family members, kids and loved ones you care, with a smart GPS tracking device from AWKIWC. The device works seamlessly with our Android Mobile App.

As parents, it is not always possible to escort children everywhere. You have to depend on domestic helpers, drivers, caregivers to drop and pick them from schools, day care, special activity classes like karate, art, dance, or escort them to parks when they play in the evening. There is always a nagging insecurity, mistrust and hidden panic somewhere. The gruesome stories in the newspapers of molestations, assaults, rapes and kidnappings make things worse.

Increasing crimes against women makes safeguarding their safety a priority for everyone. Women safety is an issue that concerns not only the society or the government but also the organizations that employ more and more women in their workforce.

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