Safety of Children: the Priority of All Parents

 As working parents, it is not always possible to escort children everywhere. You have to depend on domestic helpers, drivers, caregivers to drop and pick them from schools, tuition centers, special activity classes like karate, art, dance, or escort them to parks when they play in the evening. However, there is always a nagging insecurity, mistrust and hidden panic somewhere. The gruesome stories in the newspapers of molestations, assaults, rapes and kidnappings make things worse.

We at AWKIWC have brought a perfect solution for you: a personal tracking device (GPS) to monitor the movements of your children wherever they are, in the playground, school, in a karate class, at a friend’s place or at home. Our device has a powerful signal range, is very small and easy to handle, and affordable.

Manufactured after thorough research on child behavior, the device is tamper proof and is so hardy that it can work even after receiving significant impact due to free fall or other such inadvertent incidents.

As parents, the safety of your children is your first priority. When you start using this device, it becomes our priority too. “All We Know Is We Care”.

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